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Our brands

Our ambition is to become a Tier 1 company & the preferred European global IT brand. This ambition is directly supported by our brand strategy. We define our own category & positioning within IT to differentiate us from our competitors: Your business technologists. Powering progress. We place the Business Technologists at the heart of all our brands to unify the Atos family and to grow as a strong brand.

These are our major sub-brands, amongst others:



Bull: Bull is the expert brand for Atos technologies, hardware and software products. With Atos, the Bull brand provides extreme trust with digital empowerment.



Canopy: A joint venture between Atos, EMC and Vmware to build a new force in enterprise cloud, combining the experience of the largest European IT service provider with two of the biggest hitters in cloud technology. To write your future in the cloud, see here.


Worldline: A global leader in e-payment transactional services. For tomorrow’s digital experience, see here.



BlueKiwi: An enterprise social software company to become your organization’s social business hub.


Atos Consulting

Atos Consulting: An Atos subsidiary with highly skilled consultants to develop strategic approaches to technology, from innovation to implementation.


Atos Worldgrid

Atos Worldgrid: An Atos subsidiary to deliver integration projects and real time Smart Energy solutions to Energy & Utilities companies across the power, water, oil & gas value chains.



Unify: Unify is the newest member of the Atos family, combining Atos’ knowledge and reputation in the IT services market with Unify’s expertise in unified communications and collaboration to provide customers with seamless services solutions for their entire digital portfolio. Within Atos, Unify continues to deliver a unique integrated proposition for unified communications and real time capabilities.


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Olympic Games

Atos is the Worldwide Information Technology Partner for the Olympic Games and has been involved in all previous Olympic Games since 1992 including most recently the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi.


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